Challenge: Create awareness about public relations activities to increase the bottom line.
Result: More than 50 people were exposed to key messages per session.

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Virtual Tech Fair
Challenge: Develop a resource for individuals attending a bleeding-edge activity, a Virtual Tech Fair.
Result: The Virtual Tour encouraged a great number of registrants to attend a real-time online trade show.

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hgmChallenge: To coordinate all logistics for company participation at the largest ophthalmic show in America.  Budget: $200,000.
Responsibility: Interim Convention Coordinator. Duties included: Serving as the main liaison for staff and vendors to prepare for the show.
Event Tactics: Booth: coordinate efforts with the vendor to create a two-story, 50’ by 60’ booth, shipping, customs, graphics, prep and track laser equipment, drayage, and union labor.  Sales Training: prep instructor, prepare training materials.  Medical Training Course: find location, prep instructor, prepare and compile course materials for recipients, coordinate attendee invitations.  Travel: airline, hotel, and transportation needs for 30 individuals.  Marketing: create product line multi-media presentation, coordinate give-away, track daily sales.

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