Collaborator Educators

Collaboration is key to success in the classroom and the boardroom.  As MET students, we must continually strive for cooperation among our students, with our colleagues, and in our interactions with students while considering the best practices for success.

As collaborator educators, we can help our students become more effective team members by including opportunities to teach each other and providing group work projects.  The videoconferencing and video production courses utilized the team activities well, especially given an online course.  Group work online is difficult, but with thoughtful planning, execution is possible.  In the curriculum we develop, we must also incorporate opportunities for students to cement concepts by teaching one another.  This interaction can be live or promoted via discussion boards and peer review activities.

Part of our job as educators is to help students learn how to learn.  Our MET instructors have supported us by providing detailed feedback and being responsive to our plethora of questions.  Together we have learned to identify obstacles and find resources to resolve problems.  Adding more opportunities for feedback is a concept I have tried to incorporate throughout my lesson designs.

As education professionals, we must collaborate with our colleagues to perpetuate success.  When we work together to plan, identify, and share tools, our collaborations help solve problems and improve the learning environment.  Our videoconferencing course enabled us to find the best technology tools to meet the needs of our students and our lessons by actively promoting networking among the class members. 

 When we consider collaboration, we must also consider the proven best practices.  We can evaluate our efforts more effectively by focusing on continuous professional development and concentrating on the more significant questions.  Designing an online course curriculum requires an interview with an industry expert.  This networking opportunity aids the students in looking beyond the classroom into their subsequent professional development stage.  Nearly every course has focused on helping us continue our research efforts and continually seek the best tools available to accomplish a task.  Together we have helped one another identify solutions.

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