Topic: Introduction to Journalism

“Going into the semester I didn’t have a class that caught my attention and this class has kept my interest. I’ve always liked writing and now after taking this class I plan to go on to study and hopefully get my degree in Journalism. You made me feel more comfortable writing and taught me how the structure of many types of pieces.”


This course is a survey of journalism that will examine the history of journalism and the various media it uses to deliver its message. We will emphasize journalistic principles, improve our writing and editing skills, and explore journalism as a career. Because of the changing face of technology, we’ll examine both print media and electronic (Internet) and broadcast (television and radio) media. Convergence (two or more media working together to deliver a message, i.e., is changing the way news is provided so that it will be a reoccurring theme throughout the semester. Students will compile a portfolio during the semester that can be used as a sample of their work for job/freelance applications.


At the end of this class, students should be able to:

  • Understand the opportunities and challenges inherent in online communities.
  • Identify and apply the best practices and techniques used to design thriving web-based communities.
  • Assess and interact with select technologies used to create, manage, and maintain online communities; and
  • Design and implement a social media campaign community.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of several social media tools and how they could be used in a public relations context.
  • Understand the role of social media in today’s communication climate.
  • Present an innovative example of a social media tool that would be useful for the future.
  • Explain both sides of several contemporary debates regarding social media and the impacts of emerging technology.

Instructional Methods

  • AP Style and Grammar Quizzes
  • In Class Writing Assignments
  • Viewing Guides: Journalism in Popular Media

Student Work Samples

Create a website or blog at