Topic: Portfolio and Career Foundations

“The course was structured around presenting yourself in a professional manner. The way it is taught and viewed is a uniform structure and doesn’t change for anyone.”

“I would recommend Professor Oser, because she is awesome. I have had her for 3-4 different classes and she is a great teacher.”

“Prof Oser is a magnificent instructor. She took the time needed to set up several real world business persons to come and speak with us and share their experience. She is great at teaching.”

“[Professor Oser] teaches the course clearly and asks questions to make you think. She asks questions to the entire class and at times asks them directly to get you to think things perhaps you didn’t before-hand.”


This course provides students with a structured environment to showcase both personal design style and technical skills in Interactive Media and Web Design. Students will refine self-selected pieces and develop an interactive platform to display the best of their work. Interviewing, résumé building, and job hunting are closely tied to the distribution of a portfolio and thus are a pivotal part of the course content. Students will conclude the course with a professional résumé, digital portfolio, and set of skills that will assist them in securing both a valuable internship and a future career.


This course will provide students with a strong foundation on what is needed to be competitive in Interactive Media and Web Design field. Students completing the study are expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Create an effective resume
  • Know to create a stand‐out digital and print portfolio
  • Understand the fundamentals of proper job interviewing and job procurement
  • Clearly understand what future employers are looking for in an employee

Instructional Methods

  • Online Portfolio
  • 20 by 20 Presentation
  • Mock Interview
  • Social Footprint Investigation
  • Business Cares
  • Networking Event
  • Informational Interview
  • Resume
  • Industry Guest Reaction Papers

Student Work Samples

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