Topic: Seminar in Professional Practice and Ethics

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An investigation of the complex ethical dilemmas perceived to stem from the clash between individual and organizational values in our increasingly media-dependent persona, social, and professional environments. Attention will be paid to the bases of ethical decision-making in modern professional and business organizations engaged in primarily mass-communication-related endeavors. Students will be expected to engage in writing and oral discourse based on secondary research focused on competing for media-driven economic, political, and societal claims. Issues examined will include, but not be limited to, media violence, journalistic responsibility, government media regulation, threats to personal privacy, and media industry consolidation. Curricula will include, but not be limited to, various codes of professional, ethical conduct published by professional organizations whose members pursue careers in Advertising, Journalism, Public Relations, etc.


Students completing the study are expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Review, analyze, and synthesize theories of communication throughout the history of mass communication
  • Review, research, and compare recent developments in communication technology
  • Familiarize students with major ethical questions inherent in the communications industry
  • Examine moral and ethical dilemmas from different perspectives by studying existing cases
  • Learn how to apply existing ethical codes in a work environment

Instructional Methods

  • Ethics paper
  • Oral Presentations
  • Blog Responses
  • Quizzes

Student Work Samples

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