Topic: Social Media Campaigns

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Designing and creating innovative social media campaigns is a robust process in contemporary society and an essential tool for helping organizations craft a public narrative about their value in society.

In this course, students will learn to evaluate organizational social media efforts, create and design campaigns for various purposes, and provide recommendations to organizations about improving their social media efforts. Additionally, students in this course will be able to articulate, find, and digest the latest academic research that lies at the intersection of how technology impacts organizations.


  • Create and manage a social media campaign using strategic decision-making based on research and data.
  • Develop and conceptualize plans for social media campaigns in the health, political, for-profit, and non-profit industries.
  • Utilize multiple social media platforms to develop an audience and promote a campaign.
  • Develop visual content to be used as part of a social media campaign creating awareness of the organization.

Instructional Methods

  • SEM Rush Certification
  • Social Media Campaign
    • Research
      • Background
      • Situation Analysis
      • Audience
    • Planning: Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics
    • Action and Tactics
      • Branding
      • Event
      • Promotion
      • Collateral
      • Budget
    • Evaluation and Analytics
  • Social Stalking
  • Unplugged Assignment
  • Online Discussions

Student Work Samples

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