Topic: Survey of Professional Media

“This course really helps me to prepare for the future and help me to see the different aspects of the field that I am studying. This course was able to help me see what part of communications interest me and the things I need to do to make this possible. I loved this class and would love to take another class with Professor Oser.”


This course examines the evolution of media from its traditional roots to today’s marketplace. Students will study careers in the field and be exposed to issues facing those professionals. An introduction to government regulation, ethical issues, and the relationship between media and society will introduce students to the challenges and responsibilities facing the future communications professional.


Students who complete the course will have accomplished the following:

  • Develop and demonstrate an understanding of mass media’s history, terms, controversies, and ethics.
  • Develop and sharpen critical thinking skills to enhance personal media literacy.
  • Utilize the media to define, refine and clarify personal career objectives.
  • Participate in group activities and presentations to enhance understanding of mass media—its history, basic terms, controversies, ethics, and possible careers.

Instructional Methods

  • Communication Problem Analysis Paper
  • Multimedia Collage
  • Informational Interview
  • Exams

Student Work Samples

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