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Hello, I’m so glad you are here in my little corner of the internet.

I have been involved in the communications and public relations field for more than twenty years.  My career has included time spent in agency and corporate PR and, most recently, in mass communication education.  So, basically, I’ve had homework every night for the past 10+ years …

I have earned an APR (which is the CPA for the public relations field) … and I have earned an MA in Digital Media and Interactive Communication from Lindenwood University … a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Utah … and I am currently finishing a master’s in education technology and a certificate in online teaching at Webster University.

Since I accidentally fell into teaching in 2011, I’ve worked at Maryville University, Webster University, Lindenwood (St. Charles and Belleville), and St. Charles Community College … many at the same time.  It is a challenging way to make a living, but I’ve had the opportunity to develop and deliver a wide range of courses … sometimes on only a few days’ notice (also not recommended) …

My background is in mass communication, which means I know how to tell a story and help my audience understand a message.  In terms of teaching, I may present anything from business writing to social media strategy to graphic design.  I usually create classes with some ongoing projects that can be used in a portfolio rather than focusing on traditional papers and tests.  I like to allow the students room to grow with what they are learning and to have the opportunity to go back and try again when they add new skills. 

The pandemic lockdown made me realize how crucial instructional design is for a successful academic career.  I went from being on spring break to teaching multiple sections of visual communications at two different universities via Zoom and WebEx.  And the transition was difficult.  I was challenged to juggle the various approaches coming from two different institutions and trying to help college students produce a portfolio-ready piece with software and equipment many did not have in their bedrooms. My students usually “check out” mentally after spring break, and having them never return to the classroom provided an excellent opportunity not to check back in.  I was lucky, though, I had already recorded most of my tutorials and had them available on YouTube, so I was not caught as off-guard as others.  (Now trying to help take a very active boy-scout troop of 80+ boys online … that was a disaster.)

Teaching through pandemic reinforced the need creativity and patience to remember how lucky we truly are.  I think about my grandparents and having to live through the depression and WWII.  Today we have a world that allows us to reach out to one another despite the circumstances.  While we are asked to behave in a way we may not like, but at least we can turn on our lights at night without fear.  Together we are being tested and need to find ways to use the available tools to improve opportunities on and offline.

When I’m not teaching, you will find me navigating life with boys, tripping over two cats, and discovering new and baffling ways to crash my computer …

I look forward to meeting you.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out … there is a real person on the other side of this screen …

What’s Next?

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