I have been so fortunate to have worked with so many amazing students, colleagues and clients throughout my career. Here I have gathered their endorsements for a variety of occasions.

I help you see how they speak to my ability to design and provide solutions to a myriad of situations in the classroom, in an instructional design situation or the boardroom.

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We teach to share and impact the world around us. I have been so lucky to meet and collaborate with hundreds of future leaders, communicators, and members of my community. Here are a few notes I’ve gotten from students along the way.

Education Colleagues

As an adjunct professor it can be difficult to connect with the full-time faculty and to be considered a member of the team. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn from leaders in the fields of education and design.

Industry Colleagues

Before my foray into the classroom, I was lucky enough to enjoy a public relations and marketing communication career my foray into the classroom I was lucky enough to enjoy a career in public relations and marketing communication. Serving in both the agency and corporate worlds helped me develop an ability to pivot and understand various topics, sometimes with little advanced warning.

What’s Next?

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