Teaching for the past several years has taught me that there is little I can’t figure out how to do by tomorrow. It’s the nature of the beast as an adjunct instructor – where frequently I would pick up a new class less than a week before the start of the semester.

It is a skill I have tried to instill in my students – to learn how to learn, to take on technology and figure it out.  What they learn today may or not be available when they graduate, who knows what the mode de jour might be. And that is OK they can handle it.

The field of communication is constantly reinventing itself and I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the transition from the eyes of an agency account executive, a corporate communication manager and as an educator.

This has worked to my advantage as I’ve developed a broad and varied skill set that is both vast and deep. Be it keeping up with Adobe and the constant product tweaks or social media and the web, I’ve probably touched on it in one way or another.

Do I know what the future of communication holds? No, but that is OK, I’ll know how to do it by tomorrow.

Specialties: Digital Media, Web Planning, Corporate Communications, public relations, media relations, event planning, release writing, speech writing, Microsoft Office, InDesign, Photoshop, social media strategy, content management systems, WordPress, Blogger, AP Style, editing, proofreading and fact-checking

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