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Instructional Design Sample – SME Social Media
Goal: To convert a 16-week synchronous course to an 8-week asynchronous course. As a member of the instructional design team I served as the subject matter expert, providing the curriculum design and module content.

Goal: xx

Instructional Design In Action – Create an Online Course
Goal: To use proven design methodology to help higher education students design a comprehensive public relations campaign to understand better the communications planning process in one semester.

Using ASSURE for Curriculum Development
Goal: For students to understand the difference between propaganda and persuasion and create persuasion-based public service announcements for social media utilizing the Canva.com technology platform.

Tracking Systematic Change Theory and Technology
Goal: To explore inquiry-based learning to understand systematic change theory as applied to the failure of Google+ by tracing the diffusion through innovation, communication channels, time, and social systems.

Lesson Design for Digital Video As Content
Goal: To help students “think like a historian” and what it means to approach history through the lens of primary documents now made available with the addition of technology.

Student-Authored Book Trailer
Goal: To align the traditional “book report” with 21st century tools.

Teacher-Produced Video and Lesson
Goal: To create a lesson that will accommodate multiple learning styles while guiding students through technical Adobe Photoshop tutorials.

Using HTML & CSS to Create a Website
Goal: My hand-coded HTML/CSS website aims to help high school students learn to search the Internet more effectively and discerningly through the inquiry-oriented exploration of the scavenger hunt online site per ISTE standards. The learners will then complete a hands-on scavenger hunt summative assignment reminiscent of a web quest.

Create on Online Maker Space
Goal: To use technology to guide learners as they research and plan a publication before the design process.

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