Storyteller, Communicator, Designer

I am a storyteller … be it as an instructor, curriculum designer, public relations practitioner, or marketer.  I know what it is to understand the audience and how to get them to listen and, more importantly, respond … all while keeping the deadline and budget in mind. 

I had no idea how to do most of the things I had accomplished before I started, and that is okay because I figured it out. And in the process of figuring it out, I learned to effectively communicate, your audience must:

1 – Receive your message

2 – Understand your message

3 – React to your message

If we never get to step three, then we are unsuccessful.

For more than two decades, I have helped organizations and countless students find a way to communicate their messages … to get to step three.

And sometimes getting to step three requires a bit of a story … here’s mine …

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Take a minute to explore my portfolio. I think you will agree that I’ve not found a topic I can’t handle …

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