Challenge: Create awareness about public relations activities to increase the bottom line.
Result: More than 50 people were exposed to key messages per session.

presentation word camp presentation social media presentation show me the blog

event swida

event nasa oshkosh

media saturn

events coke torch run

Virtual Tech Fair
Challenge: Develop a resource for individuals attending a bleeding-edge activity, a Virtual Tech Fair.
Result: The Virtual Tour encouraged a great number of registrants to attend a real-time online trade show.

event vtf collateral

employee relations bpp

hgmChallenge: To coordinate all logistics for company participation at the largest ophthalmic show in America.  Budget: $200,000.
Responsibility: Interim Convention Coordinator. Duties included: Serving as the main liaison for staff and vendors to prepare for the show.
Event Tactics: Booth: coordinate efforts with the vendor to create a two-story, 50’ by 60’ booth, shipping, customs, graphics, prep and track laser equipment, drayage, and union labor.  Sales Training: prep instructor, prepare training materials.  Medical Training Course: find location, prep instructor, prepare and compile course materials for recipients, coordinate attendee invitations.  Travel: airline, hotel, and transportation needs for 30 individuals.  Marketing: create product line multi-media presentation, coordinate give-away, track daily sales.

Writing Samples

News Releases

Benefit Plans Plus, LLC First Midwest Firm to Earn Top Industry Designation

Benefit Plans Plus Launches Fiduciary Health Check

Spring Virtual Tech Fair™ Take Control Of Your Technology Roadmap April 25-26

White Papers & Feature Articles

BSWC Business Process Improvement White Paper

Workflow – Before or After or All of the Time


When the Stuff Hits the Gumbo Pot


Various blog entries at Quiet Morgan, You’ll Wake the Dinosaurs

And Now, The Rest Of The Story …

So much for self reliance ….




Wrote and placed hundreds of news releases, feature articles, letters to the editor, public service announcements and white papers on behalf of clients.  Placements include USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., The Today Show, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Kansas City Star, St. Louis Business-Journal, Kansas City Business Journal

DOser portfolio Final 051716 pages-26

When the Stuff Hits the Gumbo Pot

Distribution Solutions Guide

Challenge: Provide as needed editorial support including developmental and copy editing of their internal online and printed documentation. Edit and produce five editions of an 80 page Software Selection Handbook and three Manufacturing Software Guides with a circulation of more than 15,000.
Result: The Software Selection Handbook continues to serve as the go-to resource for ERP software packages.

edit dsg

Y2k The Sky Is Not Falling Editorial

Challenge: Provide as needed editorial support including developmental and copy editing of their internal online and printed documentation. Edit and produce five editions of an 80 page Software Selection Handbook and three Manufacturing Software Guides with a circulation of more than 15,000.
Result: Missouri rolled into the New Year without Y2K problems – success!

2000 silver quill y2k commentary

We Card Op-Ed

Challenge: To successfully position a little known, but critical, training and education initiative as a leading, highly visible, pro-active, statewide program.
Result: Both print and broadcast placements were achieved throughout the state, creating more than 4,077,100 impression in a state of 6 million people.  We estimate we reached about two-thirds of the state of Missouri once, or about one-third of the population twice, with a very credible “We Card” message.

1999 bronze quill we card

Catholic Fraternal Life Pre-Planning Brochure

Challenge: Develop marketing collateral to encourage CFL members to take advantage of funeral pre-planning options.
Result:  CFL utilized the collateral with the suite of pieces we developed to use as a leave-behind and in sales situations.

1999 bronze quill cfl

Belleville’s Free Press Newsletter

Challenge: Create a source to highlight “the good news” accomplished by a local government and its citizens.
Responsibility: Account Manager. Duties: client liaison, develop copy, guide graphic design, printing and distribution.
Results: Belleville’s Free Press is recognized by voters and delivers the news of Good Government For A Better Belleville.

1998 mercury awards belleville free press

Park Record Activities Guide

Challenge: Compile a weekly column of upcoming events to entice locals and visitors alike to participate in various activities throughout the ski season.
Results: Developed 12+ bylined columns throughout the internship experience.

writing park record

NASA Langley Research Center Collateral

Challenge: Position NASA Langley Research Center as an industry leader for technology transfer.
Results: The series of NASA fact sheets was utilized throughout the EXPOTECH tradeshow. Expotech Background

nasa virginia pilot nasa facts polymer nasa facts inspection system nasa facts dentistry nasa facts atlas media so you want to be an astronaut media researcher news media byline articles

collateral mid america grocer collateral missouri humanities council


Challenge: Develop a new consistent look and branding concepts for multiple companies to better fit their corporate mission and style.
Results: Each company has continued to use the new concepts, so it must be a win, right?

branding poettker branding bsw branding miller management branding midamericabranding ocp

Web/Social Website

2012 marcom gold Newsletter

Challenge: To create and maintain a weekly eNewsletter featuring retirement industry news.
Result: On average, the eNewsletter receives a 20% open rate and 10% click through — far above the averages for both. Additionally, a new section, the BPP401k insider, has been added to focus on PR, sales, and marketing and is well received. Website

Challenge: Create a website from concept and planning to launch and maintain 300+ website to highlight the more than 75 services offered. Maintain analytics and search engine optimization for a top-ranked professional services site.
Result: This award-winning site was reported to be one of the top web accounting sites by Practical Accountant.
Visit Archived Site

BSW Intranet/Portal – the iWay

Challenge: Create an intranet to serve as a communications hub for 200+ employees at a quickly growing accounting firm and relieve the pressure on the email servers.
Result: The SharePoint based intranet is the default home-page for the firm and the daily updates ensure key messages are delivered.

web bswllc intranet

Virtual Tech Fair Website

Challenge: Develop an online resource to allow distributors and manufacturers to evaluate ERP software.
Result: Software4Distributors is an industry leading website, known throughout the vertical market

 web virtual tech fair

Software4Distributors Website

web dsg site

BPP Social Media

social media bpp

Y2K Campaign

PRSA Silver AnvilAre You OK with Y2K? – 2000

The Silver Anvil, the “Oscar” of public relations symbolizes the forging of public opinion. The most prestigious award of the Public Relations Society of America is for practitioners who, in the judgment of their peers, have successfully addressed a contemporary issue with exemplary professional skill and resourcefulness. The winning programs meet the highest standards of the four components of public relations programming – research, planning, execution, and evaluation.


Are You OK with Y2K PRSA entry

Campaign Overview


silver anvil 2000 silver quill y2k 2000 communicator y2k 1999 galaxy y2k

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