Topic: Integrated Marketing Communications Cluster: Promotion Strategies and Tactics, Advertising for Sales Efficiency, PR Strategies for Success

“This course was by far my favorite thus far due to the professor’s teaching style. Instead of lecturing and requiring students to take notes, the professor made the class “fun” by getting them involved and requiring a (hands-on) promotional plan project.”

“The class was challenging. I definitely learned a lot. The instructor tested our knowledge and really encouraged us to think outside of the box. It was a journey! But I’m glad I took the class. It introduced many aspects of the field that I didn’t know. Awesome instructor!”

“I learned a great deal about creating an IMC plan, which will be important to my future career. It was very practical and provided a real world-like experience.”

“Similar to previous cluster with teacher. We knew what to expect and she knew us well. Having consistency helps. Best teacher I took though my program. Required student interaction and involvement in class.”

“Prof Oser made great attempts to encourage discussions. Her structure of the class was well thought out and time was maximized.”


Integrated Marketing Communications develops advertising, promotion, and public relations skills needed to create comprehensive multi-media campaigns designed to accomplish strategic business objectives.  Emphasis is placed on understanding how each discipline can contribute unique benefits to the client/employer organization by delivering specific messages to targeted groups.  The cluster recognizes that businesses have adopted an integrated approach to communicating with target audiences; and that practitioners are expected to have a working knowledge of all communications techniques used to sell products and services.

Promotion Strategies and Tactics: This course identifies cost-effective multi-media promotional activities that deliver desired business results. Emphasis is placed on clearly understanding business objectives and developing the most appropriate promotional program to achieve desired results.

Advertising for Sales Efficiency: This course examines how businesses use advertising aimed at targeted groups to achieve specific business goals. Students are exposed to the sub-categories within advertising, emphasis is placed on selecting the best mediated to achieve business goals.

Public Relations Strategies for Success: This course identifies a variety of PR tactics that can be used to provide direct support for product/service sales and how other tactics are used to achieve longer-term business objectives that can build a positive future freedom-to-operate atmosphere.


  • Demonstrate written communication and documentation skills.
  • Demonstrate oral communication skills.
  • Prepare for and participate in every cluster meeting.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the concepts and practices within each course.
  • Successfully pass quizzes and exams.
  • Through active class participation and fulfillment of class assignments, the student will:
  • Learn how to develop IMC programs to implement marketing plans
  • Understand how the selection of IMC program components impacts sales results
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each IMC discipline component
  • Develop a comprehensive Marcom plan for a specific product or service
  • Demonstrate understanding of information obtained from texts and class discussion
  • Demonstrate an understanding of assigned readings using skills assessment inventories
  • Present an audio-visual presentation of a comprehensive plan in a typical business setting
  • Prepare a final product suitable for inclusion in a professional portfolio

Instructional Methods

  • Promotion Project
    • Research
      • Background
      • Situation Analysis, SWOT
      • Audience
    • Planning: Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics
    • Action and Tactics
      • Branding
      • Events
      • Public Relations
      • Advertising
      • Timeline
      • Budget
    • Evaluation
  • Soup Promotion Analysis
  • Chapter Presentations
  • Viewing Guides