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Benefit Plans Plus Piggy Postcard Campaign

Challenge: Increase sales leads through the use of direct mail.
Results: The sales team saw an increase in calls following each direct mail piece.

direct mail bpp piggy

collateral bpp collateral bpp sales champion collateral bpp calendar card collateral bpp bill stuffers collateral bpp 403b workbook advertising midamerica radio advertising midamerica print advertising midamerica outdoor advertising midamerica fly the easy choice advertising midamerica easy choice 2 advertising hgm direct mail bpp collateral bswc belly up collateral bsw

Distribution Software Guide Industrial Distribution Supplement

Challenge: Maximize exposure for the Distribution Software Guide by creating a supplement to the Industrial Distribution audience.
Results: The SW4D website saw an increase in traffic after the publication of each supplement.

edit id supplement

Nextel Communications

Challenge: The telecommunications industry teams with competitiveness, from players who started the industry with Alexander Graham Bell.  When Nextel Communications, a new player in the digital wireless arena, came to the St. Louis market they sought distinction.
Results: Our creative team successfully placed Nextel and/or the Nextel product in a wide range of media, positioning this new arrival as a major player in the St. Louis telecommunications industry.

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2000 communicator nextel2000 apex nextel

MidAmerica St. Louis Airport

Challenge: Develop a marketing package with elements that could stand alone or be utilized as a group to demonstrate to a range of industries the special advantages of MidAmerica St. Louis Airport.
Results: The package was key in the initial discussions between Pan Am and MidAmerica.

1999 bronze quill midamerica 1999 apex excellence midamerica

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