Instructional Design: Produce A Digital Asset

“What’s Wrong With This Quarter”

Topics: US History

Audience: Elementary School Students

Goal: Use Adobe Premiere to create a short lesson about Missouri history.

Reflection: “What’s Wrong With This Quarter?” helps students use technology to create a comprehensive lesson that incorporates entertainment.


“Well done, Danielle, re-creating the Quarter video. Love your background theme! You did a nice job following the script and storyboard sequence in order to produce the movie. The images are clear and easy to see throughout the video. I lie the images you found and integrated within the video. Your narration flows nicely, using a nice, steady pace. Well done using your pointer within the video to spotlight facts. Nice work adding the credits at the end. Thanks for sharing.”

M. Lynn, Instructor

Lesson Overview

Assignment Instructions

  • Prepare location for project files
  • Script and storyboard
  • Create and assemble slides
  • Record narration
  • Shoot video
  • Import video from external devise
  • Edit video in Premiere Pro
  • Render the movie
  • Submit
  • Two artifacts

Lesson Objectives

To create a one-minute movie, “What’s Wrong With This Quarter,” to initiate research on the geographical and historical information depicted in the Missouri quarter. I’ve provided the script for you to use.

Use a video camera or any kind of recording device and create/edit a video that includes live-action clips (not animated or computer-generated video), audio recording/narration and still images.

Lesson Design Highlights


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