Topic: Fundamentals of the Internet

“Everything worked for me on Twitter! I rocked it. I ended up reaching over 500 followers. I had huge engagement numbers. By following people interested in basketball the project was a success.  Also I was discovered  by another basketball blog who asked me to blog for them”  

“Required everyone to open up and get to know each other a little bit more than usual, which I think is a great attribute for a class to have.”

“This class was more than helpful in the field that I am studying. The instructor was helpful and gave students avenues that allowed them to be successful in this course, in other courses, and in the future.”

“This course helped me understand the importance of social media has on a business and how to effectively read and adhere to the analytics of the different social media avenues.”

“The big project over the semester taught me a lot and I’m excited to say I’d like to continue some of my sites.”

“The content behind this course was really informational, and the instructor had a set lesson plan that [Professor Oser] stuck to. Class was very well put together, and I really enjoyed learning how to do things in this class.”


This is a lab-based course designed to familiarize communications students with advanced information retrieval and management methods via the Internet or corporate intranets; combined with hands-on design, development, and publication of web-based content for both individual and corporate use.


The goal of Fundamentals of the Internet is to understand how today’s information is designed, delivered, and displayed on the internet. To complete this course students will:

  • Acquire knowledge of internet-based communication methodologies.
  • Develop basic internet and computer skills using Lindenwood’s technological resources.
  • Examine online resources and utilize popular web technologies to gain insight into the internet’s history, communication history, and social trends.
  • Learn to read and write HTML/CSS with a text editor and create a functional website.

Instructional Methods

Social Media Campaign: Because you will learn best by “doing” this semester, you will utilize your skills through the implementation of a comprehensive, integrated internet campaign. You will create and implement a social media campaign to support the topic of your choice utilizing WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. While design and creativity are important, it is vital that your campaign be consistent and effectively integrate the tools to create connections, develop a following, and deliver your message. You must take into consideration what kind of content will need to be developed or utilized to make the project a success.

Campaign Required Elements:

  • Status reports throughout the campaign
  • Editorial calendar and strategy
  • A fully functional, customized interactive website/blog with at least 12 original posts,
  • A Facebook fan page with at least 30 page likes and 50 posts. Join at least 5 groups
  • A Twitter account with at least 50 tweets, following at least 300 accounts
  • A Pinterest account with at least 3 boards and 75 pins. Follow at least 20 Pinterest boards or pinners

Other Instructional Methods

  • HTML & CSS Projects
  • Internet Scavenger Hunt
  • Social Media Policy
  • Resource of the Day Presentations